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Start enjoying the benefits of SharpCloud immediately by selecting a workshop below, to discover how SharpCloud will improve your business communication, collaboration and productivity instantly.  

Includes 30 Day Free Trial, after which you can select what Team Site and Private Directory Membership you want.


Collaborate Visually!

Collaborating visually is so much easier to do and understand.  The SharpCloud Workshops below enable you to create highly visual "Stories" so you can communicate and share your data, ideas, products and services with people inside and outside your organisation.  There are multiple user cases for you to use including Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Customer Account Plans, Technology Roadmaps, Workshops with many more for you to choose from.

Instant and easy access!

Connecting with people to collaborate and visually communicate is quick, easy and secure.  During the workshops you will discover how to invite people via email to create their username and password and that's it.  If you have invited them to join as a member of a Team Site and or Private Directory, they are instantly online and collaborating with you and the rest of the team members or viewing stories no matter where they are located.

Free 30 Day Team Site & Private Directory Trial

Communicate across mobile devices!

Visually collaborating with people using SharpCloud is simple and easy to do either using your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device.  As part of the workshop you can download the free apps for your IoS, Android and Blackberry mobile device so you can view your stories, comment and stay connected while you are mobile and at the workshop.  

When you sign up for a Workshop, you get to evaluate a SharpCloud Team Site and Private Directory for 30 Days after the workshop and its Free.  This is by invite only and no up front credit card payments are required.  After your evaluation you can simply decide how many Team Site Members and Private Directory viewers you want and your annual subscription is set up and you can carry on using SharpCloud uninterrupted

“When you sign up for a Workshop you will receive a Free copy of my guide - A modern approach to Business Collaboration, to help you get the maximum benefit from your SharpCloud membership and a Free 30 Day Team Site Evaluation”

Jason Hier
Director of Roelto

10 x 1 hr Online Sessions


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SharpCloud Team Site  30 Day Free Trial

✔  1 hour online sessions

✔  Min 3 people/session

✔  No travelling

✔  Flexible timing

1 Day Workshop


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SharpCloud Team Site  30 Day Free Trial

✔  Overview

✔  Using SharpCloud

✔  Create a Story

✔  Share & Present

Premium Membership


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✔  Unlimited Stories

✔  Unlimited Team Sites

✔  Unlimited Directories

✔  Free 4 hr starter support

2 Day Workshop


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SharpCloud Team Site  30 Day Free Trial

✔  Overview

✔  Using SharpCloud

✔  Create user cases

✔  Publish & Present

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